King of the Castle, King of the Castle.

I stumbled across this awesome little video the other day that does a wonderful job explaining why video is king of the media castle.

I know what you’re thinking, and yes. I’m biased. But the numbers don’t lie! First 10‘s video leads by example. The content is engaging, fun, informative and easy to understand.

Video makes content easily digestible which means the likelihood of consumers retaining your message after watching (95%) is far greater than if they read it (15%).  This is just one stat among the bunch illustrating why it makes perfect sense for video to be at the head of the hierarchy.

If you’d like to explore this powerful medium to make royalty out of your content, contact conjoined at to talk some shop!

An Introduction.

Wow. It’s real! conjoined has launched and this marks the beginning of an exciting new journey for me professionally.

The blog will be a spot to hear from me directly. You might find thought pieces on industry trends and best practices, new work and current projects, whacky nonsense, and awesome work by others to inspire.

To kick things off, I figured I’d give a little background on me:


If we haven’t met or worked together before, my name is Rachael Lamphier. I love all things Baltimore (Go O’s!), horrible reality tv, mashed potatoes, my 2 cats (Vinny Van Gogh and Robert Smith), fashion and going to concerts.

I have over 9 years of experience in film production and advertising. My background includes time at both smaller boutique shops and a large national advertising agency. I bring a strong eye for talent, enthusiasm for the creative process and great love of storytelling to my work. Whether strategizing ways to solve client challenges creatively, producing, casting the right talent, directing on set, editing or motion graphics, I approach each step with passion.

I wear many hats and work in different mediums, ranging from large broadcast campaigns and online video to radio and corporate video, with the understanding that each client and advertising goal is different. I love the challenge of finding the best way to connect the perfect message with the right audience while staying on budget and deadline.

I always aim to motivate and inspire and urge everyone to share ideas to make each project a true collaboration.

And I would love to work with you!

If you have any upcoming projects or ideas you’d like to discuss, don’t hesitate to reach out.