ThymeShare | What’s the Big Idea?

We could not be more excited about partnering with such visionary people to launch this truly innovative concept. Our video for ThymeShare attempts to explain the big idea in greater detail, and provides insight into how it will positively impact the city of Hartford.

Since the concept is in its early stages, we faced the challenge of “what do you film? What will you show?” After visiting the space, it became very clear. This stunning empty canvas is the perfect backdrop to the beginning of this story. ThymeShare is going to make this space even more beautiful by adding creativity, culinary adventures, and endless opportunities that wouldn’t exist without this concept. Bruce and Liz Hoffman did a great job of illustrating their vision and painting the picture without needing to see chefs in a bustling kitchen, organic produce being grown, or an event in full swing.

We are so honored to have been a part of ThymeShare from the start and can’t wait to watch it bloom. Check out this incredible concept in the video below and feel free to share it! (We suggest setting the resolution to HD and going full screen for the best viewing experience. Naturally.) 

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BTS: conjoined + ThymeShare

conjoined is beyond excited to be teaming up with ThymeShare to create an awesome brand video worthy of such a unique concept! Here’s the jist:

“ThymeShare is expanding culinary genius by providing the ultimate place for chefs, caterers and home-based businesses to invent, experiment and grow. From farm to table, we offer a complete culinary solution that facilitates small business growth, supports the community and enhances the city of Hartford.”

Take a look behind the scenes from our shoot:

To learn more about the concept, follow ThymeShare on facebook, twitter, and at their site that will be expanding soon!